The best way to start 2022 on the right foot is to end 2021 standing on one leg... or to make a New Years resolution and try to stick to it.

Here are New Years resolutions shared by our readers.

If you're not sure what resolution to pick this year, this list may help you feel inspired.

There are also a few that might make you chuckle. 

From lessons learned in lockdown, to stepping out of the comfort zone, here are your New Years Resolutions. 

Whats your New Years Resolution?

"Watching as much footy matches as possible" - Vincent Kennedy

"Not to make a New Year Resolution!" - Lynette Babidge

"To remember the lessons learned in lockdown - make for time for friends and family, quality time and be there for them" - Susan Taylor

"Drink more water and try to limit fizzy drink/energy drinks to once a week" - Tamara Watt

"No more aerosol deodorants.........Roll On 2022." -David Maton

"Stop being so nice" - Gary Jones

"3840 x 2160" - Thomas Villar

"To step out of my comfort zone and do something different!"- Tracey Maclachlan

"To step into each day and live it." - Yvette Kinley

"To take something up - time to make time for hobbies." - Tricia Drew

What's your New Years Resolution? Let us know in the comments

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