I was caught up in the aftermath of the crash in Dinton just before Christmas, tragically involving a fatality.

I was working that day and entered a close off Dinton Road in the centre of the village, where I made four visits.

When I went to turn left onto Dinton Road to return home to Wilton, I was presented by a police cordon.

I was not able to drive or walk onto the main road. I had to walk around the obstruction and came to the Wyndham Arms.

I explained my predicament and asked if I could contact a taxi firm and wait in the pub until a taxi could get to me. The lady I spoke to called to ask if anyone was going to Wilton, explaining my position.

No-one was, but one gentleman kindly offered to drive me there anyway; this resulted in two tremendous acts of kindness from a stranger.

This gentleman, named John, did not drop me off in Wilton town centre, as I suggested, but took me to my door.

I had been chatting to him in the car and commented on my needing to start early in the morning to make visits, while my car was abandoned in Dinton.

Before he left me he offered to pick me up in the morning and take me back to Dinton.

I thanked him, but refused, as I needed to start at 7.30.

He, however, insisted and was at my door at 7.30 the next morning.

In Dinton, a police officer was able to walk me to my car and I was able to retrieve it to do my work.

In the face of a particularly tragic death, difficult at any time, but especially at Christmas, someone stepped in and went to a real effort  to save me a lot of trouble and to enable me to respond to the needs of the people relying on me.

I was very impressed and deeply grateful to him.

I would like to thank John for his wonderful kindness.

Veronica Burton


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