SCHOOLS in and around Salisbury have welcomed the latest Covid-19 measures and guidance after reopening for a new term.

With The Burgate School and Sixth Form ready to "rise to the challenge" imposed by the virus, and Godolphin School "looking forward to the spring term", secondary schools are optimistic and keen for their students to return to the classroom.

For the start of the new term, all secondary schools have been asked to provide onsite Covid testing facilities, and all students must now wear masks in classrooms.

Adhering to these measures, Burgate has been utilising its already operational test centre, and has staggered the return of students this week, spanning from Year 7 to Sixth Form.

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'We're doing our bit and we're safe'

"We're here to keep the school open as learning is the best place for students, we can deliver that education remotely but it does not compare to the classroom environment," said David Pover, Burgate headteacher.

Talking about the wearing of masks indoors, he added: "It gives that confidence in school and reassures the students we're doing our bit and we're safe."

As of yesterday, January 5, around 10 students had been asked to isolate after testing positive for the virus, and, when ready, they will be offered remote learning until it is safe to return to the school site.

This remote learning system applies to all students feeling well enough to tackle school work at home.

'Significant spike' during festive season

In the lead up to Christmas the school experienced "a significant spike" in cases, Mr Pover said, which was nearly classified as an outbreak.

During this time classes, due to staff absences, were condensed and teachers were spread across more subjects.

Looking ahead to this new year however, the head teacher says he is feeling "really positive", adding: "I think every step forward we take, in my eyes, is a positive one.

"We will continue fighting barriers and will continue keeping everyone safe - we will get through this."

'It is so important children are in school'

"Soon this will be treated as something in the background, like influenza," Mr Pover continued.

"I think students want to stay in school and I don't think further restrictions or measures will be imposed that will stop children going to school any time soon.

"It is so important children are in school and learning."

When asked about how examinations will be sat, Mr Pover said the school is waiting for further guidance from next month.

Mr Pover added: "[The pandemic] has been difficult and is just something else to contend with, but we have a job to do and that will always dictate our actions.

"We will rise to the challenge, the core of our job will always remain the same."

Celebrating a successful return

Also welcoming the return to school and Covid-19 measures, Godolphin's Head Emma Hattersley said: "After a successful day of LFT Covid-19 testing on Tuesday, we are delighted to welcome back all our staff our students into school.

"As a community, we are looking forward to our spring term and to celebrating all that is excellent about Godolphin."

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