A SONGWRITING duo from Salisbury has now released its first song, with a second hit and album both on the horizon.

‘Two’s A Riot’ formed in 2020, when members Alex Stagg and Vincent Ott decided to combine their musical backgrounds to bring the sound and feel of the 80s to the forefront of current music.

Two years later, the band is releasing a five-song album, complete with their perspectives on modern pop.

'Premiere' also zones in on what it is like being in your 20s in current times.

After both completing degrees in music, before that Alex starting his singing career as a chorister at Salisbury Cathedral, the pair met when working for Gatehouse Music.

Two's A Riot formed when Alex, aged 24, and Vincent, 25, sat down for a late night jamming session at a pub which escalated into song writing, and they never looked back.

Analogue synths, warm basses and modern production and sound design are used by the duo to connect the 80s with modern music and themes.

"We write our songs with dynamic sound design predominantly in mind," says Alex.

Vincent added: "The sonic detailing we bring to our music really gives it energy and life, a cinematic edge almost."

The pair says that the debut song 'Don't Look Up' "brings 80s aesthetics into the 21st century", and the lyrics are "a tongue-in-cheek description of a chase through the streets of a big city at night time, nodding towards the dark and VHS-infused tone of 80s songs and films like ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Knight Rider’".

The next four songs will be released in monthly intervals, with second song 'Won't Let Go' to be released tomorrow, January 10.

'Don't Look Up' is now available on major streaming platforms.

For more information visit twosariot on Instagram.

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