AN AUDI with no MOT, car tax and a damaged door held partially shut with a bungee cord was seized by police in Bransgore.

The vehicle did not have a current keeper and police say it was found blocking a dropped kerb - preventing access to a driveway needed by disabled visitor.

Officers from Ringwood Police also found evidence of recent off-road use and hare coursing in the vehicle.

A post on the Ringwood Police Facebook page said: "Uninsured Audi with no MOT, car tax or current keeper, with rear passenger door broken and held partially shut with bungee cord seized in Bransgore after being found blocking dropped kerb preventing access to driveway needed by disabled visitor.

"Spare catapult slingshots and bags of ball bearings found on passenger seat with evidence of recent off road use and hare coursing."

"Thanks to RD Avery for another professional recovery," the statement added. "If owner wishes to claim vehicle please contact Ringwood Police team so we can discuss return, recovery costs (£150 plus £20 per day) and numerous road traffic offences.

"If you know someone driving illegally or involved in rural crime or hare coursing in Sopley Burley or Fordingbridge areas of New Forest call Hampshire Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 to RatOnARat and make New Forest communities even safer places."

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