FROM today, January 10, Devizes Road will be closed every weekday between 7am and 6pm for resurfacing. 

As this is a large stretch of the A360, several bus stops and routes have been affected.

The closure, between the roundabouts at Ramaleaze Drive and Highbury Avenue, has impacted bus routes including the R1, R10 and 66, and the B1, B6, D2 and 663 school services.

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While the works are underway, here are the diversion details and routes currently in place:

  • The R1 will be diverted via India Avenue and St Gregory's Avenue, and will not serve the Roman Road, Devizes Road Cemetery or India Avenue stops in either direction. Customers are advised to use either the Highbury Avenue stop, or temporary stop located on St Gregory's Avenue as an alternative.
  •  The first 66 service will be diverted. The journey will begin at a temporary stop located on Ramleaze Drive, before serving St Peter's Place. The service will then run directly, via The Avenue and Wilton Road, to Coronation Road to resume the normal route. Stops between Devizes Road and Roman Road will not be served during this time. Customers are advised to use either the temporary Ramleaze Drive stop, Coronation Road or walk through to stops on Bemerton Heath.
  • The R10 will be diverted from the rail station, running straight along Wilton Road, turning right at the Wilton Roundabout on to The Avenue, to then turn right again at the roundabout at the top of The Avenue to serve St Peter's Place. After this, the route will then turn right at the Fugglestone Red Roundabout to serve a temporary stop in Ramleaze Drive before following the diversion above in reverse. This means the R10 will not be able to serve stops along Canadian Avenue, St Gregory's Avenue, Roman Road or Devizes Road. Customers who normally use stops towards the top of Devizes Road can walk into the Heath to use the R1.

For more information, including the school bus services, visit the Salisbury Reds website.

The work on Devizes Road, resurfacing between the Royal Oak pub and the Harper Road junction, is due to end on Friday, January 28.

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