SALISBURY Hospice Charity’s Christmas Tree Collection raised a whopping £21,000.

This year’s collection was run by Salisbury Hospice Charity, in conjunction with the charity Just Helping. A total of £21,586 was raised. 

In total, 1,314 trees were collected between January 8 and 10.

A huge community effort was involved - with 73 volunteers, including those from local businesses, who gave their time and resources in support of the hospice.

A statement for Salisbury Hospice Charity said: "The money raised from the collection will support Salisbury Hospice and ensure patients have dignity and choice in their final days. It will provide support to families, carers and friends, ensuring that comfort and advice is given at every stage of the dying process."

Every year, Salisbury Hospice cares for up to 1,000 people living with life-limiting illnesses and its services are free of charge to everyone who uses them.

Annually, the charity needs to raise £1.5 million, more than 60 per cent of the £2.4 million needed to maintain the vital palliative care services at the hospice.

Salisbury Hospice Charity will be donating 10 per cent of funds raised to local charity Serve On, who assisted with the collection and offer support to the community in times of need.

All the trees collected are chipped. These chippings can then be recycled and used as animal bedding on a local farm or turned into compost.

The hospice charity thanked everyone involved for their support and added: "The charity is extremely grateful to everyone who supported the scheme this year by registering their tree and would like to extend their gratitude to their kind sponsor Boatwrights Estate Agent."


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