Former Take That star Robbie Williams has finally shifted his Wiltshire ‘mega-mansion.’ Originally on the market for £7 million, he has had to settle for an offer of £6.75 million; £1.35 million less than he bought the property for in 2008.

He has had to compromise on price after putting the house on the market in September 2021 and struggling to find a buyer.

Although singing the properties praises to spark the interest of househunters, Robbie has admitted before that the house ‘gives him the creeps.’ He explained in a podcast that his son believes the house to be haunted.

He noted: "It gives me the creeps. Teddy told me, 'That room scares me. I don’t like that house.

"I said, 'It scares me too. You don’t have to sleep there any more.

"If there is great grief or great pain or tragedy, I think it can soak into the walls and leave an essence there that remains for a very, very long time."

Despite his lack of success in selling his mansion until recently, the property has not failed to strike up interest on the market over recent months with it being one of the most viewed by house hunters in the area last year.

The luxury mansion comprises of seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, five reception rooms, over 70 acres of land, outbuildings and leisure facilities, including a swimming pool and a spa area.

Talking the property up, Robbie has said: “We have welcomed four beautiful children into the gracious rooms at Compton Bassett House, where we have shared much laughter and joy.

"The gardens and trees have enchanted us with their magic, and on rainy days - of which there are many in England - we have played and splashed around the indoor pool, much to our delight.

"Compton Bassett House is most definitely a family-friendly house that deserves to have much more laughter and joy within its beautiful walls. We hope the incoming purchaser will enjoy just as much as we have.”

While he is saying goodbye to his Wiltshire home, Robbie will no-doubt be making way for the next chapter in another one of his impressive abodes. His property portfolio already boasts an Alpine lodge in Switzerland, a detached home in London's Holland Park and a chic pad in Beverly Hills, LA.