Salisbury City Hall opened as a fully-purposed vaccine centre a year ago on Monday, January 25. 

Since the ribbon was cut at the centre in 2021, 205,000 vaccines have been given out. 

Bath Racecourse opened its doors as a vaccine centre a few days later, and issued 231,000 jabs. 

This means that between these two centres alone, nearly half a million vaccines have between distributed to the region in one year. 

Included within the totals are tens of thousands of first and second doses, but also a high number of booster vaccines, with Salisbury’s total standing at around 51,000 and Bath’s at just over 50,000.

Operations Director at Salisbury City Hall Fiona Hyett said: “Covid-19 hasn’t gone away, and it’s incredibly important for people, especially those in younger age groups, to still come forward for their required vaccinations.

“Getting vaccinated not only keeps the individual safe, but it also helps to stop them from passing the virus on to their friends and family, many of whom could be older and more susceptible to becoming seriously ill.

She highlighted that Salisbury City Hall is offering walk-ins, as well as many other sites across the region and added:“Even if you are unsure about having the vaccine, please come along and have a friendly chat with us so that we can answer any questions and provide reassurance.”

Across Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire CCG, approximately 600,000 booster vaccines have been given out, meaning that more than 85 per cent of all who are eligible have had their immunity topped up.

A high number of people in the region remain completely unvaccinated, and work is continuing with local communities to help bring the Covid-19 vaccine to where it is needed most.

In the last week, pop-up vaccination clinics have been held across the region, including in the Penhill area of Swindon and at Bulford Camp in Salisbury, where more than 160 vaccinations took place.

To find your nearest walk-in centre visit:

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