AN ARTIST has used Stonehenge as inspiration for their latest work - Snowhenge!

Kari Kola's latest sculpture is a full-sized version of the world famous monument, completely made from snow.

The artist brought the snow replica to life in his hometown of Joensuu, Finland.

English Heritage says the feat "took thousands of hours to produce in stone-cold temperatures".

Illuminated by blue and red lights, English Heritage added the artist's team worked around 18-hour days in -32 degrees to make the sculpture a reality.

Praising the work, Jennifer Davies, English Heritage head of historic properties for Stonehenge said: "Stonehenge has been the inspiration for art in many forms for centuries.

"Kari Kola's breath-taking work always provides a fresh perspective on some of the world's most extraordinary heritage, and we're thrilled that once again he has chosen the stone circle as the source of inspiration for his coolest installation so far - Snowhenge!"

Salisbury Journal: ‘Snowhenge’ created by artist Kari Kola‘Snowhenge’ created by artist Kari Kola

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