WASTE collection days for nearly all Wiltshire residents is set to change from the end of next month.

The household waste collection days for nearly all Wiltshire properties will change from Monday February 28 as part of a bid by Wiltshire Council to make rounds "more efficient" and help cut carbon emissions.

This change will only affect the general household waste collections.

There is no change to recycling or garden waste collections, which will still take place on their usual day.

Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, Cabinet Member for Waste, said: “Changing the waste collection day for nearly every household in Wiltshire will enable us to make our rounds more efficient, help reduce our carbon emissions and save more than £1.5m over the next five years.

“While we’re making these savings, our waste contractors, Hills, will maintain the current number of collections staff, as there are a number of vacant positions that will now not be filled.

“This change only affects what we call residual waste, which is essentially the general household rubbish bins, and not the recycling or garden waste collections – these collection days will stay the same across the county."

Every household will receive a personalised information letter explaining how their collection day will change and what they need to do.

They will also have a hanger label placed on their general household waste bin on their last collection under the old schedule that will give them more information.

Letters will start arriving from January 31 and during the following two weeks.

“From 31 January and for the following two weeks, all households will receive a letter that explains the changes and details their new collection day, so people don’t need to do anything until they receive their letter," add Cllr McClelland.

“We look forward to these new rounds helping to reduce our carbon emissions and deliver value for our residents.”

For more information visit the council's website.


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