BUSINESSES and residents have been left perplexed as mysterious keys were left around Verwood.

Keys have been left in Verwood with labels to businesses around the village, including Willow Floristry, Renoufs and the “morgue”.

Although the keys, which were found last week, don’t actually unlock the businesses, residents have seen the funny side.

Pip Holley, owner of Willow Floristry, said he was going to hang his key on the door.

Salisbury Journal: Mysterious keys have been discovered in Verwood

He said: “The key was dropped round this morning by someone from the Methodist church. He asked if we knew anything about it.

“I had no idea, we don’t even have a flower fridge. I think it’s really, really funny. It’s clearly someone having fun, it’s light-hearted.

“I think really it’s a good idea – I am going to hang mine on the door.

“I have absolutely no idea who is doing it whatsoever but there’s no malice.”

Hels Elgar, Verwood resident, said she believed it was someone “stirring up Verwood”.

She said: “Last week I popped into the village and saw one on the floor outside the funeral directors, which said ‘morgue’.

“I thought it was a bit weird but left it there. The next day, I went to Lidl and right by my car there was another, which said ‘coffee and tea (posh) Costa’.

“I picked it up in case someone had dropped it, thinking it may have been a treasure hunt for someone or something similar.

“I posted on the Facebook page to see if anyone had lost it or dropped it and that’s when everyone else started posting that they’d seen some too, some of them were quite rude.

“I can only think that it’s someone having a laugh and stirring up Verwood, giving us something to talk about. I think there’s a new lot that have been found, which aren’t so rude, but like the flower fridge, the cane cupboard etc.

“There have been a few things in Verwood over lockdown - the flower fairy, the cake fairy and now the key fairy.”

Hels said people hadn’t been offended by the keys and had actually found it intriguing and amusing.

Councillor Simon Gibson, ward councillor for Verwood, said: “The keys do seem to have caught the public imagination.

“I am sure we will find out more about it in due course but it seems like a light hearted bit of fun. Like everyone, I will keep an eye out for them when I am out and about.”

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