Pancake Day is just a few weeks away and if you’re thinking of jazzing up this year’s pancakes then maybe this sausage dog frying pan is for you.

Yes, you read it right, a sausage dog frying pan!

The Tefal appliance features the outline of a sausage dog so whatever you’re cooking will have adorable, edible art!

You will also get a squeezy bottle with a precision tip to help you create the perfect food art.

Salisbury Journal: (Ocado/Tefal)(Ocado/Tefal)

To get the perfect pancake, wait until the pan is at cooking temperature - indicated by the Thermospot that will turn bold red - and draw the outline so it has time to brown, before filling in the gaps with the rest of the mixture.

On the reverse side, you will find a glossy, colourful illustration of a sausage dog.

If you’re celebrating Pancake Day with your furry friend, Ocado has also provided a recipe for dog friendly pancakes which you can find on the website here.

The Tefal pan is just £20 and can be purchased on the Ocado website here.

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