M&S is putting itself forward as the go-to retailer when it comes to Pancake Day with its range of products including a Percy Pig frying pan.

The Percy Pig Pancake Pan is £15 and comes with a pancake batter squeezy bottle for precise batter application.

M&S is also selling a Pancake Party Gift Bag for £25 which includes two pancake mixes, maple syrup and recipe cards.

What's included in the M&S Pancake Party Gift Bag: 

In the offer you will get: 

  • Pancake Shaker Mix (155g)
  • Natural Pecans (100g)
  • American Style Pancake Mix (400g)
  • Organic Canadian Maple Syrup (330g)
  • Crunchy Golden Blond Chocolate Spread (400g)
  • Raspberry Coulis (260g)
  • Recipe Cards
  • Cotton Drawstring Bag

You can also head to a store near you to pick up your favourite pancake mixes, sauces and spreads.

Or maybe you'd rather save yourself all the effort and would rather some ready-made pancakes you can just warm up in the toaster.

Grab a pack of four Percy Pig pancakes made with Percy Pig Dessert Sauce, apple juice and raspberry flavoured jelly pieces for £1.60.

Find your local M&S store.