POLICE have been cracking down on antisocial behaviour in Fordingbridge which has been “damaging” to the welfare of the community.

Officers say over the last few months that antisocial behaviour (ASB) has been having a “massive impact on our community and damaging community welfare”.

The area’s neighbourhood policing team has been providing advice and support to the community, including businesses, as well as taking action against offenders in some cases.

A statement from the neighbourhood policing team (NPT) on Facebook said: “

Officers have been providing information on how to deal with anti-social behaviour, how to report anti-social behaviour and how to safeguard yourselves. Through providing education and safeguarding advice, a local business that had unfortunately been subject to repetitive antisocial related incidents, had installed CCTV cameras to monitor and catch the incidents, providing much needed safeguarding.

“After reports of youths kicking the door and throwing items into the property, we were able to view CCTV and it was evident this was more than antisocial behaviour. After further review and identifying those involved, we were able to take positive action with means of dealing with those responsible.

“The youths that were involved and identified were spoken to by means of education on the impact of their behaviour, the types of behaviours considered anti-social and local after school/sport clubs available to them that they can join to deter them from offending or behaving in an antisocial manner.”

Officers have also issued a community resolution.

“Through working closely with the victim, we were able to consider options available tailored to a positive outcome for both our victim and offender providing a form of Restorative Justice,” the statement added.

“We will continually tackle antisocial behaviour collaboratively and continually engage with our communities to identify community based issues.”


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