LEGO is helping us spice up our lives with its new Spice Girls tribute set.

The major toy retailer unveiled the special collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic Spiceworld album earlier this month.

Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria have been immortalised as LEGO BrickHeadz™queens of girl power in a world-first since no one has been created in BrickHeadz form before. 

"There are few bands that defined pop culture in the same way the Spice Girls did back in the 1990s, and it’s been such fun bringing the band to life in our BrickHeadz style,” says LEGO designer Daniel Squirrell.

Salisbury Journal: Real Spice Girls vs LEGO Spice Girls. Credit: Rankin/ LEGOReal Spice Girls vs LEGO Spice Girls. Credit: Rankin/ LEGO

Mr Squirrell added: “This is the first time we have created a music band in BrickHeadz form and what we really, really wanted was to capture the essence and nostalgia of the Spice Girls, through their iconic looks. I am delighted with the set and I hope the fans are too.”

The tribute set stays true to every detail from hairstyles to clothing that earned the band their signature style.

There are even new leopard print LEGO bricks to recreate Mel B’s eye-catching look, along with Geri's unforgettable Union Jack dress, Melanie C’s tracksuit, Emma’s baby pink dress and Victoria's trademark black dress too

In celebration of the new LEGO set, world-renowned photographer Rankin has brought the brick band to life, recreating images originally shot in his studio that made the band so instantly recognisable around the world.

Buy your LEGO Spice Girls tribute set

Salisbury Journal: LEGO Spice Girls Brick Headz packaging. Credit: LEGOLEGO Spice Girls Brick Headz packaging. Credit: LEGO

The 578-piece LEGO set is suitable for ages 16 and over, features each band member on an individual base plate and is guaranteed to spice up your life.

The new buildable BrickHedz set is available for £49.99 from LEGO stores and on from March 1, 2022. 

If you know what you want (what you really really want), you can also get your hands on a signed set by entering a sweepstake on LEGO VIP on March 1 too.

For more details about the special sweepstake, visit

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