WORK is well underway on a new multi-million-pound development at Ringwood School.

The new performance venue, The Barn, is under construction after more than four years of planning.

It will be a 650-seater venue, providing the school with extra space for a range of activities including exams and drama.

Facilities will include a cinema-grade projection system and a theatrical sound system.

The Barn will also boast a technical control room that can be used to teach BTEC production and performing arts.

The school’s operations manager, Sam Coombes, said: “Works are progressing and over the past week the steel frame has been erected which shows the scale of this new venue. Brickwork will start this week, with roofing following quickly behind.

“We are still well on track to open summer 2022. The Barn will offer a performance space to the school, but also a venue for the community of Ringwood to host all manner of events including movie screenings on our cinema-grade projection and sound system.”


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