A CAMPAIGN calling for 20mph limits has received backing from councillors in Fordingbridge.

Fordingbridge Town Council on Wednesday (March 2) approved to support a 20's Plenty For Us motion.

The motion states that the council supports the campaign and calls on Hampshire County Council to implement 20mph limits in Fordingbridge.

As part of the motion it will also write to the county council to make 20mph speed limits on streets throughout Hampshire in "places where people live, work, shop, play or learn".

The matter was previously raised during a meeting of Fordingbridge Town Council last month after it was contacted by Rockbourne Parish Council to consider supporting 20mph speed limits as part of the 20’s Plenty For Us campaign.

Speaking at the February meeting, Hampshire County councillor Edward Heron, who represents Fordingbridge, said: “The world has changed considerably and when you look at where the government is going with changes to the Highway Code prioritising vulnerable users and when you look at how we are going with changes to how we live and how people use their areas. Twenty mile per hour limits in urban areas or even village areas I think are the future.

“We are moving towards having our town and village centres being much more of a place for people where vehicles also go. I appreciate how difficult that is here with effectively a major B road coming through the town. But I think even if we did have a 20 it would reduce the impact of it.”

Last year, the town council sent out a survey to residents asking their thoughts on a number of items, including whether they would like to see 20mph limits.

Mayor, Cllr Edward Hale said: “It was one of the highest percentage result in the survey we did that people want that. Definitely for the High Street and Salisbury Street.”


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