The film crew in the Cathedral Close has caused quite a stir for fans of period dramas.

Onlookers have been gathering by Myles Place this week, in the hope to catch a glimpse of stars such as Olivia Coleman and Fionn Whitehead.

Both are set to appear in the latest BBC period drama, Great Expectations - an adaptation of the famous 1860 novel by Charles Dickens - which is currently being filmed in the Close.

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The shoot began on Monday when a lone horseman was filmed riding up and down a field by the Harnham Gate, which has now been cordoned off to keep the crowds away.

Today, the set looks a lot busier but as yet, there is no discernible sign of the leading cast.

Great Expectations tells the story of orphan Pip who receives a large fortune from an unknown and mysterious benefactor, but the story is also of unrequited love.

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