A COMMUNITY-RUN initiative is being set up in Fordingbridge to help shoppers cut down on their plastic waste.

The Green Gram Community Refill Shop in Roman Quay Gram evolved out of Gardner’s Zero Waste - a mobile refill shop which was established by Alderholt resident Jo Anderson in August 2019.

Jo decided to open a shop in Fordingbridge and in late 2021 a steering group of local people passionate about reducing our use of plastic was formed.

Wendy Reid, a spokesperson on behalf of the steering group, said: “We want it to be a community shop owned and run by the community.”

Salisbury Journal:

Clare Godson who designed the shop logo and Shelly Canning who designed the picture

The Green Gram is a community benefit society and is not for profit. It works by members buying shares in the shop. Profits are then ploughed back into the local environmental and social projects, as voted by members.

The refill shop will help those who aspire towards zero waste by enabling them to buy food, cleaning products, personal care products and household items without single use plastic packaging.

“We want it to be the sort of destination to encourage people to come into Fordingbridge and to help support other traders while you are here,” added Wendy. “We want the shop to benefit everybody. It is a community initiative.”

An opening date has not been announced yet. But, the venture has already got support from individuals and groups within the community. Members of Avon Valley Shed have been helping with the shop fitting.

Salisbury Journal:

The Green Gram is looking for members to sign up to buy shares and become volunteers to help run the shop.

Anybody aged 16 and over can buy shares in The Green Gram. The member shareholders will become a part owner in the business with a say in the shop and its future.

The shop is looking to raise £12500 in community shares and so far £3360 of shares have been purchased. The share deadline is April 21.

“We’re also really looking for people who have some spare time who could donate a little time to volunteer in the shop.”

The aim of the shop, Wendy says, is to get people shopping locally as well as cutting down their carbon footprint and plastic waste. She added: “The aim is to make it affordable for people.”

To find out more information about how it works, to buy shares or volunteer in the community refill shop visit: thegreengram.org.uk

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