ANTISOCIAL behaviour is “not acceptable” and officers will be continuing to target this type of offending.

That is the warning from the neighbourhood policing team in Fordingbridge.

A Fordingbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team officer said: “We are aware that there has been an increase in the number of antisocial behaviour issues and incidents in the Fordingbridge area in recent weeks.

“Our officers have been working closely with relevant partners – including Fordingbridge Town Council – to address these ongoing issues; twinned with regular, high-visibility routine patrols which have taken place across the community where areas of concern are raised to us via local residents.

"We are also regularly providing crime prevention advice to the partners, and localised businesses, in an attempt to target harden premises and deter would-be opportunists from committing further offences.”

The officer said that a number of teenagers have received community resolution orders or home visits to talk about their behaviour.

“Our local Neighbourhood Policing Team will always take every available opportunity to review all reasonable lines of enquiry when incidents and crimes are reported directly to us either via our online reporting tool or when local residents call 101. They review all recorded crimes as part of their daily routine,” the officer added.

“While we aren’t able to pursue every possible report, what this does do, is build up a bigger picture of possible crime trends and patterns in the area.

“Our officers can then tailor where we put further emphasis on resources in order to combat ongoing issues in specific areas when they are raised or reported to us by members of the community.

“Our officers are committed to ensuring that Fordingbridge, and neighbouring Ringwood, are safe places to live and work by reducing crime levels in those areas. If you do so see officers out on patrol, please do engage with them directly and speak to them about any issues or concerns that you would like to raise about your local community.

“As always, we would urge local residents to report any suspicious incident to us via our online reporting portal on the Hampshire Constabulary website or by calling 101. If it is an emergency, or a crime is in progress, dial 999 immediately.”

A statement also posted on the Neighbourhood Policing Team Facebook page added: “

The behaviours that are being displayed are not acceptable and we are actively targeting local hot spots to tackle anti social behaviour and low level offending.”

The policing team says its work to tackle antisocial behaviour is a “priority” but it is “still a work in progress” and has urged anyone affected to get in touch with the police.


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