THE new mayor of Fordingbridge says she is determined to "work for the best results possible" for the town and its community. 

Councillor Anna Wilson, who was previously deputy mayor, was elected as the new mayor of Fordingbridge at last night's annual meeting of Fordingbridge Town Council, May 4, after a vote by councillors. 

She takes over from Councillor Edward Hale, who has served in this role for two years. 

Cllr Wilson thanked her fellow councillors for "having faith in me to lead this council" and also praised the "great" council staff, adding that "change and improvements would be impossible without the help and collaboration they always give".  

She said: "It is important to me, that this is not a political council; being a member of this council is as far removed as possible from the dramas at Westminster.

"I am sure councillors will agree that this is not a game of politics - it is about preserving and enhancing what is good about our town, and contrary to the views of some, the effort we put in is never in vain.

"We may have put ourselves forward and been elected, but we are not the only guardians of this town.

"Our job is to represent and support the views of the people who elected us, but we can only do this if we know what those views are.

"So we, the whole of Fordingbridge, need to engage in what is happening, learn about what is proposed, and participate in seemingly endless consultations in particular from the local planning authority.

"We must keep responding and make our opinions known. Again this is never in vain."

The town has seen a number of new homes built with more expected in the future. 

Cllr Wilson added: "Unfortunately, everything happening in this town right now is pretty overwhelming. 

"We all sometimes avoid getting involved because we feel that one person cannot make a difference, but we can make changes and improvements by working together.

"Fordingbridge has a wealth of volunteers and organisations who are prepared to work hard to make this place a beautiful place. 

"That seems hard when we see so much building going on. But I remain optimistic, and I am determined to work for the best results possible."

And to improve the town's roads, pavements, and public footpaths, she said, the town council "will need to work with Hampshire County Council".

She also highlighted the need to develop "collaboration, openness, and transparency" between the town council, New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council. 

"Regardless of which council you are elected to or indeed work for, the goal should be the same: to improve the lives of the people we represent on a daily basis," added Cllr Wilson. 

During the annual town meeting Cllr Pat Earth was elected as deputy mayor.

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