The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is touring to Salisbury Playhouse next week.

The production, directed by Bronagh Lagan, stars Christina Bianco in the title role with Shobna Gulati (Mari Hoff), Ian Kelsey (Ray Say), Akshay Gulati (Billy), William Ilkley (Mr Boo), Fiona Mulvaney (Sadie), and James Robert Moore (Phone Man).

It will run in the city from Monday, May 9 until Saturday, May 14.

Salisbury Journal:

Christina Bianco and Ian Kelsey in rehearsals Picture: Pamela Raith Photography 

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice explores the highs and the lows of small town dreams, family rivalry and finding your voice in a noisy world.

Christina says the role of Little Voice (LV) has always been on her wishlist.

She said: “When I was young growing up in New York, I always did impressions and loved singing many genres of music. My parents tell me I had a natural instinct for mimicry, especially when it came to Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz.

"Also, for some reason I always gravitated toward British comedy and one of my favourite things in the world to watch was Absolutely Fabulous. I especially loved Jane Horrocks in it.

“Later on, my father saw a review of the film Little Voice – starring Jane - and given LV’s love for Judy and all the diva impressions, he said we had to see it. I was blown away by Jane Horrocks’ performance and of course, by the story itself. I became a little obsessed with it.”

Salisbury Journal:

Speaking about what audiences can expect she added: “First of all, I think this play is a true love letter to the UK. It celebrates so many great British artists and their music. But the story itself is something everybody can relate to, regardless of whether or not they know the music in the play.

"The idea that no matter how difficult things get, you can still persevere and rise from the ashes. And I think that’s exactly the message we need after the last two years. It’s a story about not being afraid to try something different and starting again. We’ve all been through something together that has changed us, just as the characters in the play do.”

Christina says she will be taking the opportunity to explore the city when the tour comes to the Playhouse.

“One of the perks, in addition to playing this dream role in this dream show, is that I get to see more of Britain. I’m going to take time to get to know each city a little bit. It’s partially because I’m a born explorer; I love it,” she added.

“I also think it’s very important for me to really see more of this country because Little Voice is such a uniquely British show.

“The people of Salisbury can expect to find me in all the local haunts - and I’m a big eater, so please let me know the best places to eat.”

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