A man who lost his father to an aggressive form of bowel cancer is taking on a climbing challenge to give back to the Salisbury charity that cared for him.

Liam Sheridan and his team are taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge this month and have set a target to complete the challenge in 24 hours or less.

The 34-year-old from Dorset said: “We have a great team ethos, but the most difficult aspect has been getting everyone together for training although we managed to do some training in Purbeck. We have also trained solo too.

“The plan is to complete Ben Nevis in five hours, Scafell Pike in four hours and Snowdon in four hours.”

The team will tackle the three mountains in order starting at Ben Nevis in Scotland.

They will travel to Yorkshire afterwards to ascend Scafell Pike but due to the time restraints, will be walking up the mountain in the dark.

If they complete this, they drive onto Wales and take on Mount Snowdon.

These mountains are the tallest in each of the countries – Ben Nevis is 1345m, Scafell Pike is 978m and Snowdon is 1085m, so the challenge is a test of endurance.

Salisbury Journal: Training for the Three Peaks ChallengeTraining for the Three Peaks Challenge

Salisbury Hospice Charity provided much-needed care for his father Mark Sheridan in his last few months of life. He had wanted to remain at home in Alderholt following the diagnosis of an aggressive form of bowel cancer.

Once Salisbury Hospice had made an assessment, the equipment and support needed was organised quickly.

Liam said: “During the final stages, Salisbury Hospice provided so much support for my family. They even offered to speak to my sister’s young children at school to support them. The aftercare was spot on.”

The Three Peaks National Challenge takes place on Saturday May 28.

The total walking distance is 23 miles, but they will drive 462 miles within the 24-hour period.

Every second will count if they are to reach their goal.

Motivation and enthusiasm within the team is strong. The desire to raise funds for Salisbury Hospice is something they all care about as other members of the team have also been directly involved with the hospice. 

Liam has set up a Just Giving Page and hopes they will be able to raise £1000. If anyone wishes to support their challenge, they can do so here.

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