Thefts, criminal damage, a burglary and an assault on an officer with a glass bottle were just some of the incidents reported to police in Fordingbridge last month.

The town beat report for April 2022 was given to Fordingbridge Town Council at its annual meeting held last Wednesday.

According to the figures, there were nine thefts last month including two from a motor vehicle, one theft of a vehicle and three shoplifting offences.

There was one “dwelling” burglary where the report states that entry was gained and a “messy search” was carried. In this case nothing was stolen.

Nine reports of criminal damage were also recorded.

The report also states that one suspect was issued with a community resolution in relation to an attempted theft of an MPV, causing damage to property and a vehicle.

In addition to this there were five incidents of making off without paying for fuel at the garage on Southampton Road and also five reports of public order. One male was arrested and charged for being drunk and disorderly.

The report also stated that a police officer was assaulted with a bottle by a male suspect which caused an injury that needed stitches.

Thirteen assaults were recorded – four were assault with injury while nine were without injury- along with nine reports of antisocial behaviour and six reports of suspicious behaviour.

PCSO Rhys McCormick, from the neighbourhood policing team, told councillors the month “generally has been okay” and compared to last month the burglary rate had gone down with only one reported this month. He said: “Generally the crime rate has been low.”

During the meeting, town mayor Cllr Anna Wilson raised concerns about young people of secondary school age in the car park who she believed were “taking substances of some sort”.

Cllr Wilson said: “The behaviour is bizarre. It’s either that or they’re drunk and I don’t think they are drunk. It needs someone to talk to the parents. They’re so young.”

Adding: “I wouldn’t describe it as normal behaviour.”

PCSO McCormick said: “If you’ve generally got a concern for a child you think is using substance give us a call on 101 or submit an online report. It is safeguarding at the end of the day. If we’ve got a safeguarding concern it is important we let the relevant agencies know.”

Concerns about catapults being used to shoot at birds and trees was also raised by Cllr Wilson. Any incidents, the meeting heard, needed to be reported to police.

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