YOUNGSTERS are "placing themselves in real danger" by going inside derelict buildings and climbing on electricty substations, warn police. 

Wiltshire Police say a number of incidents of vandalism involving children have been reported.

A post on the Amesbury Polcie Facebook page said: "A number of incidents of vandalism have been reported to us in recent weeks involving youngsters who have been putting themselves in danger by playing in derelict buildings and around electricity substations."

There have been reports of children climbing on top of a wall surrounding an electricity substation in woodland to the rear of Allington Way in Boscombe Down near Amesbury. 

Officers also say they are aware of a derelict house on Allington Way which has been regularly vandalised and broken into.

PC Emma Smith, of Amesbury Neighbourhood Team, said: “Both of these incidents are extremely concerning - not only are those involved breaking the law, but they are also placing themselves in real danger.

"I would urge parents and guardians of children living in the area to ensure they keep a close eye on what their children are up to when away from the family home and out of sight.

"Trespassing near an electricity substation is extremely dangerous - you could easily receive a lethal electric shock. These areas are not playgrounds and they are fenced off for a good reason.

“Derelict houses are also very dangerous places, where you are at risk of unstable masonry, sharp glass or falling from height - my message is clear. Please stay away.”


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