A NEW café, bar and bistro has opened on the corner of Endless Street and Blue Boar Row in Salisbury.

Amanda Daley’s new venture, Pickled Frog, serves tapas, sharing boards, and cheeseboards, along with English wines, coffee, and cake.

Amanda hopes Pickled Frog can be a place for people to relax in a chilled environment while enjoying some of the fresh food they have on offer.

Salisbury Journal: Inside Pickled Frog, SalisburyInside Pickled Frog, Salisbury

Fresh, quality ingredients are a key part of Pickled Frog – their watercress comes from Chalk Valley, cheese from Wessex, smoked salmon from Foreman Field in London and pate from Scotland, making their charcuterie boards completely British sourced.

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are also available with light bites and nibbles on sale throughout the day, as well as coffee and cake from 9am.

Kevin Daley, managing director of Pickled Frog, said: “We are just thinking; sitting there while sharing some bold food while chatting and relaxing, you know, something a bit different.

“We try to pick lots of different things for our menu.”

Salisbury Journal: Pickled Frog only uses fresh ingredientsPickled Frog only uses fresh ingredients

Kevin and Amanda run Salisbury Museum Café and their son Robert runs The Bell & Crown, the family try to highlight three different concepts across their businesses.

The Bell & Crown is a traditional pub with vibrant events, cocktails and interactive darts, Salisbury Museum Café is more family orientated or somewhere to have afternoon tea.

Their aim with Pickled Frog is to create a chill, relaxed environment where anyone can come and unwind.

Salisbury Journal: Pickled Frog hopes to be a chill place for people to enjoy food and relaxPickled Frog hopes to be a chill place for people to enjoy food and relax

Dan Collins, Salisbury BID business manager, said: “It is amazing to see this new eatery come to Salisbury in such a spectacular building.

“Pickled Frog will be bringing an exciting dining experience to our city with the idea of sharing boards and local food and wine being showcased as the very centre of the business.”  

Pickled Frog is currently open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday with the potential for evening opening times in the summer months.