Letter from Richard Grant, Burley:

WE have Boris Johnson telling us, we have the lowest number of people unemployed in ages.

At the same time, highest number of job vacancies. Please explain how firms can fill those vacancies, when so many now already have a job!

Or I suspect lost, within the number who are in some form of job training course and not therefore included as being unemployed.

When we were in the EU, those from the other member countries use to come here.

Boris says we now have many direct trade deals with countries around the world. Whereas the EU were our immediate neighbours and partners.

Hardly environmentally friendly to send goods across the globe, when we were selling in the region of 50 per cent of our products, just a few miles away.

He claims farmers can now export to a wider market. And yet, not supply our very own shops!

Boris says we will be world leaders and yet, we produce, what? That can not be found in other leading countries.

He and his Brexiteers have totally, messed up.

Boris has taken us into a war against Russia. They, have us now on their hit list.

The EU are still 27 countries and as a whole, have far more influence than Boris. The best he comes up with is, if Labour had been in charge!

In the 1970s we had heat waves, water shortages, fires breaking out all over the place.

In the 1980’s we had the Thatcher created recession. Some of us never recovered from that.

Here we are today with extra concerns. We older people, are written off as being out of touch. Whilst we have experienced a lot of today’s problems before.

My only observation is to look beyond the Conservative and Labour Parties for any solutions.

And I don’t mean UKIP/Brexit Party/Reform. They all have mislead you. And lumbered us with Boris.