NATIONAL Highways has outlined several updates into the road widening and bridge demolition works on the A31 at Ringwood.

On Monday May 30, crews will begin installing a temporary retaining wall at the western end of the work site, in advance of building the new bridges in August.

A retaining wall acts as a barrier to hold earth in place when the ground is removed or dug out.

Work will also begin in digging out the ground around the eastern end of the Bickerley Millstream bridge in preparation of removing the bridge deck in July.

Over the Jubilee Bank Holiday, the floating platform will be moved from the west section of the A31 River Avon bridge (closest to the Verwood junction) to the east section and the Bickerley Millstream bridge. The floating platform sits on the water and allows crews to access the underside of the bridge and catch any falling debris.

This work will take place beneath the two bridges from 9am to 5pm on Thursday, June 2, and Friday, from 7.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday and 9am to 5pm on Sunday.

The large 750 tonne crane will be returning to site during the week of June 13 to start removing the bridge deck and supporting beams from the eastern section of the A31 bridge over the River Avon.


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