Fovant resident claims to have seen a 'huge panther' in his back garden last Friday, 27 May.

Henry Smith, of Fovant, belives he saw a panther on Friday, 27 May, in his back garden. He said: "The size of it was just extraordinary."

At first, Henry thought it was cat but upon closer inspection, he said it was "just huge".

"One of the photos shows the yellow eyes with black slits. They were really piercing eyes," he added.

Salisbury Journal: Henry Smith claims to have seen a panther in his Fovant back gardenHenry Smith claims to have seen a panther in his Fovant back garden

Henry was unable to get any more pictures of the alleged panther since it fled after someone knocked on his door and his dog started barking.

Almost six years ago, another Fovant resident claimed to have seen a big cat and Henry believes his sighting to be of the same animal.

The Journal has contacted the British Big Cats Society about the sighting.

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