MPs in Wiltshire have spoken out about whether they supported the Prime Minister in last night's, Monday June 6, confidence vote.

Boris Johnson survived the Conservative MPs' confidence vote although 148, 40 percent, of them voted against him.

The Journal asked local Conservative MPs how they voted and why.


MP John Glen, minister for financial services, supported Johnson but said he had "no discretion in the vote".

“Democracy has spoken and it is beholden on everyone to respect the result and get on with the job at hand.

“As I have often said, I have made it clear to the PM how frustrated I am with what happened and how angry my constituents are.

“I will continue to use my influence on behalf of my constituents and speak plainly and openly to him and to the whips about what I think needs to change, but I will not snipe, undermine, or turn my back on the important work of this government.”

New Forest West

MP Desmond Swayne also backed Boris Johnson last night, he said: "The margin of victory was decisive and certainly more decisive than election and referendum results.

"The PM was elected for a full term, of which we are only half way through.

"The next election will depend on what he can achieve in the next two and a half year."


MP Danny Kruger publicly supported the Prime Minister before the vote, saying "those promises were made, more than by anyone else, by Boris Johnson. He is the man to deliver them."

"The Prime Minister, flaws and all, has the personality and the courage to inspire people to believe in him - not as a moral paragon, but as a fighter who will do what it takes to win for himself but also for the country," he added in a statement yesterday.

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