An incident at Burgate School in Fordingbridge was reported to police after a former student came on to the site and became verbally abusive when asked to leave by staff. 

Hampshire Constabulary says an incident of public order was reported at the secondary school on Salisbury Road yesterday (June 9).

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said: "A former student was on-site and was asked to leave by staff members. He refused and became verbally abusive towards them.

"No damage or threats were made."

Acting head teacher Heidi Shearing said a former student had come to see friends and was asked to leave by staff who escorted him off the site. 

She also told the Journal that police were informed by the school as part of its protocols and that parents were also told about what happened. 

"No further action was taken," added Mrs Shering, who said that at no point was it believed that students were unsafe and that police did not attend the school. 

Police say no arrests were made but enquires remain ongoing as part of its investigation.