Green-fingered children from Ringwood schools have been planting fruit trees for the Queen Platinum Jubilee. 

Ringwood Infant and Junior schools along with Poulner Infant and Junior schools took part in the planting with each of the schools planting one tree per class. 

Sarah Dallyn, of Ringwood Junior School, said “Our 16 garden monitors from each year group were delighted to be involved in planting the trees. They have already helped to establish our school vegetable patch, planting, watering and maintaining the area. Planting fruit trees was a natural extension of this and importantly the trees will be there for years to come for the benefit of future generations.”

The trees were donated by Ringwood Actions for Climate Emergency (RACE) who also joined in with the plantings.

RACE trustee Mary DeBoos added: “We wanted to do something for all the children in the town for the jubilee so we provided 50 trees to the town. The trees will not only help with the climate, they will also provide food for people, birds and animals”

Headteacher from Ringwood Junior School, Sally-Ann Evans said: "I'm delighted that we have made this link with RACE and look forward to visiting the orchard again to see how the trees are growing. The children had a wonderful time and loved being actively involved in the tree planting and we appreciate the time that Mary gave us all."

The whole planting was enabled by sponsorship from Abacus vehicle hire and Red Shoot Camping who contribute donations every month towards tree planting in the Ringwood area.


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