Salisbury City Council has supported plans for a cinema in Salisbury but raised concerns over its business impact.

Everyman applied for permission from Wiltshire Council to transform former Buzz Bingo, 17 Endless Street, into a four-screen cinema.

In a planning committee meeting on Monday, June 6, Salisbury City Councillors backed the plans but discussed what it could mean for the ODEON.

Despite surviving the Covid pandemic, Salisbury's ODEON cinema could face new competition for the first time in 53 years.

Salisbury Journal: The ODEON has been the only cinema in Salisbury since 1969.The ODEON has been the only cinema in Salisbury since 1969.

During the planning meeting, Cllr Ian Tomes said: "Can Salisbury warrant two cinemas?"

Cllr Tom Corbin, mayor of Salisbury, added: "The ODEON has threatened to leave before."

To which Cllr Cliona Hibbert replied: "Everyman caters to a different demographic."

The city council raised the point that if it waited to grant permission to Everyman, flats could be built on the site instead, something they wanted to avoid.

The committee concluded unanimous support for Everyman's plans and Cllr Chris Stanway said: "It looks like a really good solution.

"It will bring life back into Endless Street," she added.

Salisbury Journal: Salisbury's old Gala Bingo. Picture: Spencer MulhollandSalisbury's old Gala Bingo. Picture: Spencer Mulholland

Facebook users expressed overwhelming support for the cinema after the Journal shared Everyman's planning application.

Cllr Paul Sample said: "Excellent. Will keep people coming back to the City Centre. This has my full support."

Smallsbury Tweeter, another Facebook user, said: "Awesome. Can't see ODEON surviving once this opens."

Matt Chappell also supported the plans, he said: "Great cinema and much needed, please approve this."

The Journal approached ODEON for comment.

The planning application is under consultation until July 7 and Wiltshire Council is expected to make a decision at the end of July.

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