THE cost of petrol and diesel has continued to rocket over the last month.

With fuel stations across Salisbury now charging nearly £2 a litre, motorists are feeling the pinch to their pockets more than ever.

According to fuel comparison site Petrol Prices, High Post Filling Station in Amesbury is currently charging 191.9p per litre for unleaded petrol, with superleaded petrol surpassing £2 a litre.

Last week Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesperson, said: “We’re hopeful that the scale of the recent increases is at last slowing and we’d expect the largest retailers who buy fuel most frequently to stop the pump price rot."

Mr Williams added these retailers should even look at reducing prices soon to "reflect the fact they’ve been benefiting from lower wholesale costs over the last week".

Based on data from Petrol Prices, below is a breakdown of fuel stations in the area, how much they are charging for petrol and diesel per litre, and when that price was recorded:

- Murco High Post Filling Station, Amesbury - Petrol 191.9p / Diesel 198.9p, June 20
- Tesco Extra, Salisbury - Petrol 182.9p / Diesel 189.9p, June 19
- Esso Southampton Road, Salisbury - Petrol 192.9p / Diesel 197.9p, June 18 / 19
- BP Downton Road, Salisbury - Petrol 186.9p / Diesel 193.9p, June 16 / 17
- BP London Road, Salisbury - Petrol 186.9p / Diesel 193.9p, June 16
- Shell at Waitrose, Salisbury - 191.9p / Diesel 194.9p, June 15
- Shell Wilton Road, Salisbury - 191.9p / Diesel 194.5p, June 15
- BP Wilton Road, Salisbury - 189.9p / Diesel 195.9p, June 14 / 16

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