COMMUNITY groups in Ringwood are uniting for a green campaign to help reduce energy use in the home.

Ringwood Town Council is working with various community groups, including schools and the town rotary club, to bring energy saving to life with the Greening Ringwood Campaign.

Local schools, churches, Men’s Shed, Rotary Club, Round Table, Unity Lodge and RACE are all helping.

The first phase of the Greening Campaign focuses on things people can all do at home to save money and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Councillor Rae Frederick, who is leading the initiative, said: “You may have noticed some slightly strange displays around the town, these are all part of the campaign and on Saturday July 2 we will be holding a launch fair outside the Gateway Building.

“Every household will be invited to take part – each street, road, close and avenue will be able to get involved. If the whole town takes this to heart then we could more successful than all those other towns that have gone before us. 

The launch event on Saturday, July 2, will be held from 10am to 2pm. E-mail for more information.