POLICE have been cracking down on "increasing levels" of antisocial behaviour in Ringwood town centre.

A dispersal order was set by Ringwood Neighbourhood Policing Team in response to reports of antisocial behaviour in the area which included assaults, robbery, dangerous dogs, public order, begging and members of the public being drunk and disorderly.

The order was put in place from 9.22pm on Friday, June 17 and ran until 9.21pm on Sunday, June 19.

New Forest District Commander, Chief Inspector Helen Andrews, said: “A dispersal order was put in place over the weekend in Ringwood, which expired late Sunday evening (June 19) to tackle increasing levels of antisocial behaviour in Ringwood Town Centre.

“The order gave officers the power to disperse people involved in antisocial behaviour in the area, as well as the power to seize anything used in the commission of anti-social behaviour."

Officers issued two dispersal notices during the period of the order - one to an individual for being drunken and disorderly outside a supermarket in Poulner and a further dispersal notice for a separate individual for begging outside a supermarket on Meeting House Lane.

Inspector Andrews says the order has had the "desired impact" with no new reports made but reassured the community that officers will be continuing to patrol the area.

She added: “Other than those few incidents, we are pleased to say that the dispersal order has had the desired impact and that there have been no new reports made by local residents or business owners; however, officers will continue to patrol the area."

“Our local neighbourhood policing team have been out in the community and engaged with the local residents and business owners about the issues impacting the area and taken the time to listen to their ongoing concerns,” continued New Forest District Commander, Chief Inspector Helen Andrews.

“Thank you to all of those who have complied and respected the dispersal order, your co-operation has been very much appreciated.”

The inspector has also urged members of the public to continue to report incidents to Hampshire Constabulary. She said: “Information that we received from the community is vital and informs where we put our resources and take action against any illegal activity.”


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