Some St Peter's Place residents feel as though they've been "mis-sold the dream" as they wait over two and a half years for a play park.

The estate, which is developed by Persimmon, consists of approximately 690 homes sprawling from Fugglestone Red up to the A360 roundabout in four different development phases.

However, some residents think they've been forgotten by the company as it moves onto developing the next phase.

Tamsin Parker, 40, who is a mother-of-two, moved into her phase three home on Ivie Place in December 2019. At that stage, the area was a building site with only a handful of houses built since her road was to be developed.

Two years on, she says she is embarrassed to bring friends and family round to show them where she lives.

Tamsin said: "It's quite sad and depressing, you go out for your walk and you're not greeted by nice flowers, you're looking at thistles and nettles higher than your head.

"It just goes to show how long they’ve neglected the area."

Salisbury Journal: A large thistle lays on the pathway adjacent to Ivie Place. A large thistle lays on the pathway adjacent to Ivie Place.

Persimmon markets the estate, which will eventually consist of 1250 properties, as having beautiful homes to suit professionals, families and those looking to downsize, yet Tamsin says she feels "cheated". 

"These houses are big family homes and you're promised this area to bring up your children in a safe environment with lots to do but there really isn't," she added.

At present (June 24) there is no play park available to the hundreds of houses on the estate, despite an 'equipped play area' and 'sports pitch' listed in the phase 3 development plan.

Salisbury Journal: Persimmon phase three development plan for St Peter's PlacePersimmon phase three development plan for St Peter's Place

The current state of the park is overgrown, unfinished and abandoned. When asked what has taken the developers so long to complete the park, a Persimmon spokesperson said: We regret that the specialist fencing for the park has taken so long to arrive and we share the frustration that has been expressed.

"This is partly a result of the pressure on supply chains and shortages of materials."

Salisbury Journal: Metal fencing borders the unfinished playparkMetal fencing borders the unfinished playpark

Planned installation will begin "next week", according to the spokesperson and work to complete the park will follow "shortly after".

"This is part of a planned programme of works which has previously been communicated with residents. A new contractor has also recently been appointed to better maintain the grass areas," added the Persimmon spokesperson.

For some, the overgrown land is more than just an eye-sore. Demi Rose, another resident of St Peter's Place, has been put off walking her dogs near the phase three fields after one of them was injured while fetching a ball.

Salisbury Journal: Demi Rose's dog was injured when walking through the long, uncut grass of the phase three playing fieldsDemi Rose's dog was injured when walking through the long, uncut grass of the phase three playing fields

The incident occurred on Sunday 5 June and Demi's husband had to run the dog home when they noticed the bleeding. Demi said: "This isn't the first time this has happened to us.

"We've been living here for two years and the only time my dogs get hurt is when the grounds are overgrown."


'It is simply not an attractive place to live'

Cllr Charles McGrath, leader of the Salisbury City Council Conservative group, said: "I am astonished - but not surprised - that Persimmon is yet again failing residents on the estate.

"We have been continually promised by them, through the Resident's Association, that the parks would be open by May 2022. We are now told they won't open until August.

"The condition of the parks, as well as the entire green space on Phase 3 of the estate, is appalling. It is simply not an attractive place to live."

In a statement, a Persimmon spokesperson said: We are in regular contact with the local residents’ association at St Peter’s Place and have met with residents on several occasions to keep them informed."

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