The confirmation that Primark is going to be opening a new store has been greeted by some as "a dream come true" while others were less than impressed. 

On Wednesday (22 June) Primark officially announced that it would be opening a store in Salisbury.

In response to finding out that Primark is coming, Facebook users took to the platform to express their views.

We took a look at the comments on our post and here's some of our favourites!

One Facebook user referenced our previous story, joking that Primark is coming to Salisbury back in April, they said: "Going to need a new April Fools now." 

Another user also remembered our April Fools story, they said: "At least it's not another April Fools Prank, not after what happened last time."

The news was a great surprise to some, one user said: "Shut the front door! We have waited our entire lives for this moment."

Following up the comment, another user commented: "I know... I can not believe our dreams and wishes have come true."

Plenty of commentors said it's "about time" Primark came to Salisbury, since many have been anticipating the store for a long time.

While most people shared positive views on the announcment, others said they would've liked to see something else take the place of the old BHS store.

One Facebook user against the announcement said: "Could of done something so much better with that building! Shame."

In response, another user replied: "Much better than see it lie empty for another few years."

How do you feel about the announcement? Will Primark be a welcomed asset to Salisbury's Old George Mall or would you prefer another brand to take its place? Let us know by emailing

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