Letter signed by Barbara Hickman, Winifred Alford, Veronica Armstrong, Pip Carter, Anne Chapman, Patricia Durston, Fiona and Neal Fox, Graham Herbert, Rachel Lucas, Fenella Monk, Pauline Munns, Pamela Perry, Jonathan Plows, Madeleine and John Tarrant, and Betty Tew, of Salisbury:

AM I the only one to feel absolutely sick at the way our current government is treating refugees – not I would add with Ukrainians where another completely different set of rules pertain, thank God, but with those from places such as Afghanistan and Iraq where we (the UK) through past conflicts are part of today’s problem.

This barbaric treatment and the offloading of our problem and responsibilities to Rwanda – a country of dubious human rights reputation – remind me of the days of slavery and of deportation to Down-Under when people’s lives counted for nothing.

Have we lost our humanity, our ability to empathise, our compassion?

I believe not but where is the voice of the silent majority/ minority?

Having shared this concern with those praying for peace and justice at the cathedral recently, I am glad that others have added their name to this letter.

May our voices be heard along with our bishops and church leaders.