A vision for the future of Salisbury has been outlined by the city council including making the city greener and improving youth provision.

The draft strategic plan and list of actions was discussed by Salisbury City Council during its meeting on June 27.

The document states that “Salisbury will be a green and lively city where residents’ voices are heard, their wellbeing is improved and sustainability is at the heart of all decisions”.

Aims include improving green spaces, a tree policy, improving sustainability of council buildings, and working with Wiltshire Council to improve air quality.

The list of actions include encouraging car free days, achieving green flag status for its parks and enhancing sporting provision, consideration of a street scene app, and working with Wiltshire Council on improving cycle connectivity.

Cllr Jeremy Nettle said it “outlined a lot of the work that the city council intends to do” but the council should be talking to partners like the police about moving to electric vehicles for city centre patrols adding: “We just ought to be putting pressure on other organisations if we are serious because it is not just what this council can do it is what others can do with us that will make a big difference here.”

There is also the aim to support improved and strategic networking of youth provision across the city and create and support personal development, leisure and social activities for young people.

These elements of the action plan were welcomed by Cllr Jo King who also urged the council to work on these as a “matter of urgency” due to the impact of Covid.

However, the plan was slammed by Cllr Charles McGrath, who said that while it was “good in parts” it wasn’t very ambitious considering the precept increase.

Cllr Brian Dalton said it was a “shame” that Cllr McGrath and the Conservative group walked away from the administration and that he could have played a part instead of “choosing to criticise it”.

Cllr Sven Hocking felt the list of actions was “too big” and needed “specific, measurable achievements and targets”.

But Cllr Tomes said for a lot of the items they could not put an end date especially those where the council would be working with partners.

He said the council’s administration was determined to “fulfil lots of what’s in here” adding: “We want to take our time and work with those around us to make sure what we bring in is right for Salisbury.

Cllr Annie Riddle said due to the uncertain times the council would be “foolish to pin ourselves unnecessarily to key performance indicators with dates on them”.

She asked councillors to bring forward suggestions of additions to the plan to the administration.

Visit the city council's website to view the draft strategic plan and action plan for 2021 to 2025.


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