A SALISBURY takeaway that was given a hygeine rating of zero has now been awarded the best score.

Chick-O-Land has been celebrating a rating of five following a Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspection earlier this week.

Back in February the New Canal eatery was criticised by the health watchdog for its handling of food and the condition and cleanliness of facilities, resulting in the zero health rating. 

This was a shock for the business, which is a popular spot after drinks or a night out in the city centre.

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Now, Chick-O-Land manager Veysel Ketenemen, known to customers as Charle, says the latest result is "a massive relief".

Upgrading the kitchen and furniture were just some of the tasks completed to turn the takeaway around. 

"This has been a really difficult time for us," Veysel said, "but we did everything that was required of us and then we were checked.

"[The officer] was really happy with what we had done. We changed and fixed everything.

"We are so happy with the result."

Salisbury Journal: Chick-O-Land SalisburyChick-O-Land Salisbury

Talking about previous work and snapping Chick-O-Land off the market, Veysel added: "If I was in charge the whole time it wouldn’t have been like that."

While the latest report is yet to be published, Wiltshire Council's public protection team conducted the FSA inspection and confirmed the result to the Journal.

It can take up to 28 days for the findings to be uploaded to FSA's website.

Veysel added that since the FSA rating sticker went in the window on Tuesday, July 12, he could "already see a difference" in footfall.

"We were busy straight away. People have been congratulating us, and we really needed that after the last few months," he said.

"Now we can move forward and keep up what we are doing."

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