SALISBURY Foodbank is seeing more families seeking support, which is expected to continue.

Last month, the charity fed 523 people, which included 329 adults and 194 children.

Manager Maria Stevenson said: “We are starting to see more families coming for support, working families as well, which is a tide changer for us. Post pandemic it was single people and single males and now it is very much families and working families.

“The cost of living is increasing in every single walk of life.”

High demand expected 

Maria says she is expecting demand to still be high over the summer. But adds: “Historically, it’s a bit hit and miss because when it’s hot people tend to eat less and you’re not using so much electricity so you’ve got a little bit of extra income that you’re not spending out on bills. There is holiday hunger out there alive and kicking.”

Increases in fuel, food and energy bills have impacted households.

Maria says she has started seeing a “shift” with more two parent families seeking support.

“I’m seeing it as I’m answering the door or taking phone calls, I’m seeing more families more than ever reaching out for support and they seem to be working families.”

She added: “We are anticipating to see more families reach out for our support over the summer and into autumn because of the price increase on fuel in October.”

Stock levels at foodbank 

At the end of May, an urgent appeal was launched as the charity’s stock levels at its warehouse reached “critical” levels after the charity experienced “unprecedented demand” for support.

Maria says the foodbank received a “surge of donations and positivity from the community” with people donating food and money. An online food fund has also raised more than £2700.

However, stock levels are still low. Items currently needed include tins of rice pudding and custard, tinned fruit, long life juice and milk, sponge puddings, tinned meat and fish, instant mash, baked beans, dried milk, toilet rolls, size 5 and 6 nappies and toiletry products like shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste and razors.

“We’re still not at full capacity although our warehouse looks a lot fuller than it was,” added Maria.

“We will need support to support that demand. Anything the community can do we would really appreciate it.”

How you can support the foodbank 

Collection points are located at various supermarkets including Tesco Extra and Tesco Metro and Waitrose in Salisbury.

Alternatively, donations can be brought to the foodbank warehouse, Unit 6B Ashfield Trading Estate, Ashfield Road and cheque donations addressed to Salisbury Foodbank can also be sent to there.

To donate online visit:


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