A SALISBURY man who tried to head butt a police officer ended up striking his shoulder with so much force it knocked his body worn camera from its docking, a court heard.

Jordan Owen Bradley, of Woodbury Yard, pleaded guilty to one charge of being drunk and disorderly and two of assaulting an emergency worker when he appeared at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court on Friday, July 23.

Prosecuting, Kate Prince, told the court the offences happened during the early hours of the morning on July 3 of this year and that Royal Military Police, who were on patrol in the city centre, had broken up a fight between a group of males.

A “very intoxicated” man was spoken to and told him to go home which is when he started shouting and swearing at officers.

One of the officers was pushed but no injury was caused and the defendant was arrested. He made threats while he struggled with officers. As a result, the court heard, he was put in leg restraints but when he was brought up to a standing position he went to head butt another officer.

This, the prosecutor said, ended up connecting with the officer's shoulder causing the body worn camera "to be knocked out of the docking by the force of Mr Bradley’s actions". No injury was caused to the officer.

The court heard the 23-year-old had a previous conviction for actual bodily harm and had received a custodial sentence from the crown court of 10 months last year but had since been released and was on licence and subject to a curfew and post-release supervision.

Nick Redhead, defending, described Bradley, who works as a labourer on the railway, as usually being a “polite, respectful and thoroughly pleasant young man”.

He said that he had gone out with friends and drunk a “considerable amount of alcohol” and things started to go wrong when officers noticed a disorder outside The Chapel nightclub and the finger was pointed at the defendant for being involved and he “lost his rag” because he hadn’t been involved.

Mr Redhead said Bradley’s recollection of what happened had been affected by the alcohol and the passage of time but he did recall his face being pressed against the hot bonnet of the police car, which had pulled up, and hadn't helped the situation.

He asked the magistrates’ bench to accept that Bradley’s actions were “no more than reckless” and he had apologised and expressed remorse for his actions.

Adding: “He is a thoroughly pleasant young man. Something goes wrong when he goes out and has an awful lot of drink.”

The probation service said Bradley had been “engaging well” with his curfew and licence.

Bradley received a 12-month community order, 10 rehabilitation requirement days and 120 days of an alcohol mentoring requirement. He was also ordered to pay a surcharge of £114 and £85 court costs.

There was no separate penalty for the drunk and disorderly offence.