This week's top letter, name and address supplied:

READERS should be aware that houses and outbuildings in the villages around Salisbury are being extensively targeted by thieves.

On the afternoon of July 2, whilst my husband and I were out, we suffered a break-in which the house was ransacked and damaged for a few pounds.

We were left shocked, angry and feeling violated. It meant I could not attend an important concert that evening which I had been rehearsing for that afternoon and the previous six months.

However, the police response was exemplary, partly because we subsequently learnt there have been a number of burglaries happening and they are determined to catch the offenders.

Two police officers came within half an hour and immediately started house to house enquiries. A forensics officer arrived from Melksham (as there are no facilities in Salisbury now) and did not leave until 10pm working hard to find fingerprints or footprints.

The next day a report of the incident was brought to us to sign and a few days later more officers visited with a free DNA kit with which to mark expensive items which can then be traced.

The Bobby Van service also contacted us and gave advice on security.

I have to say I have never experienced such good service and would like to thank Wiltshire Police sincerely for their efforts which, if replicated in other crime scenes, should ensure speedy removal from special measures in the near future.