ASDA is one step closer to coming to Salisbury, with a fresh planning application submitted to Wiltshire Council. 

At the end of last year the supermarket giant announced its plans to set up on land off Hampton Park Roundabout in Bishopdown, following a historic and expired planning application.

With new proposals submitted last month, Asda, if approved, wants to bring a 4,657sq.m shop to the area (around 50,000sq.f), complete with restaurant facilities. 

The retailer is also proposing a drive-thru coffee shop, a petrol filling station, and parking for 323 cars onsite.

Open space and landscaping is also part of the proposed development.

Under the latest application new access routes have been put forward - creating a pedestrian and cycle link between London Road and Green Lane, and an extension to the existing footway along Pearce Way to the roundabout. 

The retailer previously had planning permission approved by Wiltshire councillors for the same location, but after allowing this application to lapse the fresh proposal is now being considered.

Confirmed by a spokesperson from the supermarket, Asda was previously given permission in 2017, but the team allowed the application to expire as they were not fully committed to the plans for the site at that stage.

Asda says it is now committed to the area and owns the site, and believes the time is now right to bring forward revised plans.

The current application is 'under consultation', which will come to an end on August 18.

A decision on the development is then set to be announced on September 23.

To view the application in full (PL/2022/04875) visit the Wiltshire Council planning website.

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