An artist in Wiltshire has received a letter of appreciation from HM the Queen for a portrait she drew.

Sarah Doyle, a pet and portrait artist from Bowerchalke, drew an A3 picture of Queen Elizabeth for Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee.

Sarah offered the picture Bowerchalke Village Hall after getting a lot of interest on Facebook and it will be framed inside with a plaque recognising the her contribution.

When Sarah offered the picture to the village hall, she was encouraged to print it onto a card and send it to the Queen.

To her surprise, Sarah received a reply around nine weeks later. She said: "I was quite gobsmacked when I got the letter.

"I put in the card condolences about Philip, congratulations on her long reign and just chit chat really."

Salisbury Journal: The letter sent to Sarah DoyleThe letter sent to Sarah Doyle

Sarah took up artwork again this year as a form of therapy following a long illness. Before creating her artwork of Her Majesty, Sarah had drawn a few animals and Johnny Depp.

"I was drawing animals but I wanted to have a wider range so I started drawing people as well. I thought drawing famous people would get a lot of interest so with the upcoming Platinum Jubilee I drew the Queen," she added.

Looking forward to future projects, Sarah said she "loves to turn her hand to anything" and will be doing a wedding portrait alongside a few more animals.

To see more of Sarah's art, click here to view her Facebook page.

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