A man stole bottles of alcohol so he could sell them to pay for clothes for a new job, Salisbury Magistrates’ Court heard.

Rupon Miah, of Barnard Street, Salisbury, admitted stealing two bottles of Jack Daniels and Famous Grouse Whiskey worth £114 from Tesco in Salisbury when he appeared in court on Friday, July 22.

The court heard that on March 23, 2022, the 45-year-old was seen placing the items into a bag and then make no attempt to pay for them by a member of the public, who marched him back into the store.

Miah made full admissions when interviewed by police and said he intended to sell the stolen alcohol.

The defendant, the court was told, had a previous conviction for possession of a blade and a 12-month community order had been imposed in April of this year. The probation service said he had been engaging them and the order.

Defending Miah, Bob Scott, said he had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

The month before he lost his job, which Mr Scott said was due to “lack of business”.

He said Miah had been offered another job and stole the bottle to sell to buy clothing for the job.

Miah was fined £40 and a £34 surcharge.


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