INCIDENTS of ducks being killed by stones, visitors leaving an “awful mess” and a child “going to toilet” by the paddling pool at the Recreation Ground have been reported to Fordingbridge Town Council.

A meeting of the town council’s amenities committee, which was held in the town hall on Wednesday, July 20, was told emails had been sent in regarding the Rec.

There were reports of stones being thrown and ducks killed and Cllr Pete White, the chairman of the committee, told the meeting a group was challenged by a member of the public and became “very abusive”.

Cllr White added: “We also had an incident where people visiting the Rec left the place in an awful mess. One of their small children went to the toilet by the side of the pool and the parents didn’t clean it up.

“Another child released a bucket of fish into the paddling pool after being told multiple times not to.

“There were dirty nappies, litter, broken buckets left all over the place.”

The meeting heard police have been informed and will be “keeping an eye on the Rec”. The neighbourhood policing team has launched an operation to crackdown on antisocial behaviour in the town.

“It was not a very pleasant weekend by the sound of it, which is a shame,” said Cllr White.

The committee also discussed concerns that had been raised with the town council over dog fouling at Flaxfields End play area.

Cllr Pete White said: “There is a dog bin so there is no excuse. But it’s not an excuse anyway.”

Councillors considered a request for fencing and signage to ease the issue of dog fouling near the play area.

Town mayor, Cllr Anna Wilson suggested talking to the housing association to help with possible funding for fencing.

During the meeting, the committee were asked whether they would consider replacing the equipment in the future due to its age.

Cllr Diane Paton said the play equipment was “old and tired” and that it seemed a “bit cock-eyed to put in the fencing and then find we put some different equipment there and the fencing is in the wrong place”.

She added that it wouldn’t hurt to put up some notices in the area to urge people to pick up after their dogs.

The committee agreed to put on signage and also to contact the housing association.

Councillors also unanimously agreed to take the title of Flaxfields End play area from New Forest District Council.

The meeting heard the piece of land belongs to district council and there had been delays in transferring the land over to the town council, who have been maintaining the site at the moment.


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