A pub in Shipton Bellinger has closed its doors for the last time after serving loyal customers for 26 years as owners say there's "no interest in hospitality since Covid".

The Boot Inn, located on the high street, said its final goodbye on Facebook Sunday evening, July 31.

Overwhelming support has been shown for the restaurant and owners Lee and Sally have thanked customers for the wonderful memories.

In a Facebook post on Sunday morning, The Boot Inn said: "The day has arrived that we serve our final customers, our last order on, our last pint poured, our last salt & peppers, Mongolian lamb, chicken satay, roast dinners (just to name a few) and the many lasts we’ve got ahead of us today.

"We truly are grateful to all the loyal customers over the 26 years and to the amazing staff, friends and family that have also helped out over the years but especially these last 3 emotional weeks, we couldn’t have done it without you."

Salisbury Journal: Final moments at The Boot Inn on Sunday, July 31. Picture: FacebookFinal moments at The Boot Inn on Sunday, July 31. Picture: Facebook

In the message, owners Lee and Sally mention the doors will be closed for good and it's "doubtful" they'll ever reopen the pub.

One Facebook user commented: "You really have put Shipton on the map over the years- thanks for all your hard work and good luck for the future.

Agreeing The Boot Inn put Shipton Bellinger's name out there, another user added: "Whenever you tell people where you stay, they say "ahhh The Boot!", then go on to extol the virtues of your fine establishment - particularly the food!"

To read the full post, click here.

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